Regardless of size or complexity, rcRussell Management Services
maintains flexible Construction Management services by offering experienced construction management personnel who provide the following contractual methods to meet your specific project needs:
Construction Manager as Agent
Construction Manager at Risk
Design/Build Manager
Depending on the method(s) that are aligned with your objectives, our approach may involve one, or all three, of the following rcRussell
Construction Management services:
Planning & Preconstruction
     Preconstruction Services
     Site Logistics & Safety Planning
     Schedule Development
     Project Execution Plan
     General Conditions Analysis
     Contract Structure
     Design Audit
Procurement & Contract Administration
     Trade Solicitation & Purchasing
     Insurance & Bonding Requirements
     Cost Control
      Requisition Process
     Change Order Analysis
Construction Administration
     Permit Management (secure and monitor)
     Field Engineering & Site Management
     Document Control (contract documents, shop
        drawings, material submittals)
     Project Controls (schedule and cost monitoring)
     Site Safety Assurance
     Quality Control
     Close-Out Administration
By dividing your project into these three categories, rcRussell is able to manage each component in-line with your project goals, leading to limited financial risk and efficient completion of your project.