Through proper planning and management of the preconstruction phase, the stage is set for the activities that will carry through to the completion of a successful project. The key understanding of the following will be defined and -an action plan developed for the execution of these critical objectives:

• Client’s Overall Business Objective
• Critical Timeline
• Understanding Project Design
• Project Goals
• Budgetary Requirements

Utilization of the following successful proven tools of the industry will be incorporated during this early phase of Construction Management;

Design Management – Design Management bridges the disciplines of design with the client’s overall business objective. Through collaboration, we will create synergy between the design and construction teams to maximize overall design effectiveness while reducing expenditures.

Project Execution Plan – The Project Execution Plan is the “blue print” of your project’s construction process and encompasses the strategy of execution. This plan outlines all tasks prior to the commencement of construction and tests the end product against your overall goals and objectives and defines the following:

• Client’s Overall Business Objective & Project Goals
• Executive Summary (Intent)
• Project Scope
• Project Schedule/Critical Timeline (Design & Construction)
• Site Logistics

Project Control Budget – The Project Budget is the most important benchmark you have in your efforts to control costs. We will work with you to create a budget strategy that includes cost analysis, which is based on preliminary documentation and project scope. This analysis will be detailed by building systems and supported by narrative description.

Cost Control – A Cost Item (CI) System monitors design progress in order to report at project management meetings, to include major design milestone deliveries, overall project budget inclusive of modifications approved by the design process following the establishment of the Control Budget.

Value Management – The goal of Value Management is to enhance cost effectiveness and functionality. Although this analysis begins in the preconstruction phase, it will continue throughout the life of your project providing the ability to maximize your funds at every stage of the project.