St. Thomas Moore Church

Owner/Client: St John’s University

On a limited capital budget, St John’s University was able to complete the addition of the St. Thomas Moore Church on its main campus, creating a gorgeous sanctuary for the University. The project was able to support the specification of superb construction materials and local labor for the hard-laid mosaic work, bringing a high level of quality to the structure.

Value: $10 Million

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American Scandinavian House

Owner/Client: Scandinavian Government

Description: The 6-story steel and metal panel American Scandinavian House, located on Park Avenue South, provides a home to the Scandinavian community here in New York City.
The building houses a full 200-seat auditorium/theatre that is well anchored in Manhattan’s bed rock. Additional building features included gallery and exhibition space, meeting facilities and multi purpose areas such as a full -service gift shop, café and bookstore. The facility resembles a functional museum that rightfully represents Scandinavian culture at its finest.

Value: $14.6 Million

The Scandinavia House_14661


Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Owner/Client: Brooklyn Museum
Description: Recently achieving LEED© Silver, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the sole
New York City museum to obtain any form of LEED© certification to date. The project included the addition and renovation of the existing 1977, 2-story building, which expanded the facility by 53,000 square feet. The addition embraces the existing structure on its north and west facades and contains gallery space for science and cultural exhibits, educational workshops,
a new theater fit-out and a children’s cafe. Architectural features of the design create a
greater street presence with an undulating roof and façade supporting 8.1
million yellow porcelain ceramic tiles.

Value: $53 Million

Congregation Beit Yaakov

Owner/Client: Congregation Beit Yaakov
Description:  A Sephardic Synagogue is a new, 4-story, 25,000 square foot synagogue located on East 63rd Street surrounded by New York City’s most valuable real estate. Its reinforced concrete structure features a Neoclassical Jerusalem stone exterior façade and both exterior and interior custom finishes; handcrafted bronze doors and windows capped on the exterior by hand carved cornice stones, five types of Jerusalem stone, custom bronze work, fixtures and a custom ornamental North American white oak wood dome. A multipurpose room, dual kitchens and administrative space complete the project. This landmark construction, at nearly $1200 per square foot, was created through a complex synergy of design and construction.
Value: $28 Million
front of bldg33913

Megan David Yeshiva

Owner/Client: Megan David Yeshiva
Description: The Magen David Yeshiva is a 300,000 square feet Brooklyn educational campus, constructed for Jewish youth. More than a school and religious synagogue, this privately-funded facility boasts a steel skeleton and panelized facade began the development of Mac Donald Ave.  Pre-construction and design development saved nearly 30% from its original budget without eliminating a single square foot or design component.
Value: $40 Million