Mid-Town Ferry Terminal

Owner/Client: New York City/EDC
Description: Following the events of 9/11 this terminal was one of the first new terminals constructed to facilitate the additional need for commuter water transport in and out of the city. This 30,000sf facility is constructed with a glass façade visible from the river which shines as a beacon. Extreme construction techniques and tolerances were required while drilling supports for the new terminal which were installed within the Influence Zone of the Ventilation Towers of the Lincoln Tunnel. Various waterside repair works was required including repair of the piles supporting the pier, relieving platform modifications and construction of ferry slips upon floating barges.

Value: $37 Million

Saint George Ferry Terminal

Owner/Client: New York City/EDC
Description: This terminal is the Intermodal transportation Hub for approximately 60,000 commuters in and out of Staten Island every day. Modernization of this 190,000sf terminal included; new infrastructure and maintenance building, new structure connecting the slips to the terminal, a new clearstory roof over the waiting area, new entrances and promenades, vehicle ramp repairs, new site utilities and various site improvements, as well as new wharf work. Complex staging plans were required to work in this 24/7 operation as well as maintaining all pedestrian, automobile & bus, railroad and ferry operations.
Value: $98 Million